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We at OneB Solutions strive together as a team towards our vision of giving our clients and customers the best possible shopping experience by doing the best we can for each and everyone of them. We believe that one happy and completely satisfied customer will lead to numerous more down the road, this is why we like to make every customer count. This is the same vision that our founders had set out with when we first opened up in  2006.  Since then, the organization has come a long way from being the new shop on the block to the thriving and constantly growing organization that it is today.


In our experience, we are the bridge between the customer and the respective organization. Hence, we represent both sides of the industry, the manufacturer and the consumer. This unique positioning has helped us to understand the industry better, give our expert opinions on what works and what does not in the marketplace, along with driving sales on behalf of the the manufacturers.


Ever since the organization's inception, we have continued to grow with a annual growth rate in revenue  of at least 15%. We are extremely proud of this as the growth figures are one of the highest in the industry within the city of Surrey. We have been able to be so successful due to our team on excitable individuals who constantly want to better themselves on an on going basis and grow with the organization by learning from every challenge, making mistakes and learning from them and not being shy to ask for help when one might be stuck. The organization believes that these attributes are crucial for necessary to keep moving forward as an organization.